Why you need an SLA?

Why you need an SLA?

Met with so many people in Mauritius who talks about their website/app needing updates almost every day but they are unable to handle it all the time.

What is SLA?

Service Level Agreement is an engagement between the service provider and its client which covers but not limited to availability, quality and responsibility define in the contract to accompany the client with the products provided, be it for support, usage or update of the final product.

When to make an SLA?

When to have an SLA or do you need an SLA is all a question of the product you have with the service provider. An SLA would be valid in cases the product:

  1. Requires frequent update
  2. The framework you used releases frequent security patch to cater for loopholes
  3. Your products and reputation is a key factor to your business
  4. You do not have the required expertise to handle it
  5. You want a continuity of your website or app

Does Zeus Solutions offer SLA?

Exactly, we at Zeus Solutions we offer SLA to almost all of our prestigious client. It all starts with a simple meeting to first find out if the client has the ressource person to handle the tasks. If the ressource is available we do provide a training to them else, we build a package to their budget and needs.

Do you need an SLA for your new or existing site? Give us a call on 58174080 or Send us your needs.