ISKCON Temple of Unity website

ISKCON Temple of Unity website

Project Details

This is one of a kind of project for which we were approached by the organization’s communication team. It was an ongoing project and had a blockage on the donation functionality.  What the client wanted is to be able to collect donations from their fellow members and devotees in Mauritius and around the world. The specifications were simple and our team did what they are best at.

The client’s needs were:

  • Redesign the donation page
  • Implement all donation functionalities including payment facility
  • Adjusts other page’s design

We were on a very tight delivery date but according to the client, this was a very important and auspicious date for them and their organizations.  The delivery date was the very first challenge but we managed to complete it on time for their Go Live conference.

Project completed on time and 100% customer satisfaction.

Completed: May 22, 2021

Client: Iskcon Temple of Unity